Cross Creek Cemetery

cross creek cemeter
Cross Creek Cemetery was established in 1785 and expanded in 1833. It contains approximately 1,170 grave markers dating from 1786 to 1964.  

After the Civil War ended, the Ladies’ Memorial Association of Fayetteville had all soldiers who had been killed in battle—along with those who had died and been buried in various nearby locations—interred (or re-interred) in Cross Creek Cemetery. The group then raised the funds to erect a Confederate Soldiers Monument in Cross Creek, the first Confederate monument in North Carolina; it was dedicated on December 30, 1868.

Cross Creek Cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places in September 1998 as a national historic district. Notable burials include:

  1. J. Bayard Clark, United States Representative (1929–1949)
  2. James C. Dobbin, United States Secretary of the Navy (1853–1857)
  3. Wharton J. Green, United States Representative (1883–1887)
  4. Edward J. Hale, United States Ambassador to Costa Rica (1913–1917)
  5. John G. Shaw, United States Representative (1895–1897)
  6. Charles Manly Stedman, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina (1885–1889) and United States Representative (1911–1930)
  7. Warren Winslow, Speaker of the North Carolina Senate (1854–1855) and United States Representative (1855–1861)
  8. Others:
  9. Robert Adam, merchant and first captain of the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry (1759–1801)
  10. Elliot Daingerfield, artist (1859–1932)